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Watch Charlie St. Cloud Free Online Full Movie

Charlie St. Cloud (2010) is a romantic-drama fantasy film in direction of Burr Steers and by distribution of Universal Pictures. The film leads by Zac Efron known as Charlie St. Cloud. In the Charlie St. Cloud film also starring Amanda Crew, Charlie Tahan, Kim Basinger and Ray Liotta. The film based in a popular novel named The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud on 2004 by Ben Sherwood and showing on July 30, 2010 wide in theaters.

In the Charlie St. Cloud (2010) movie focus on Charlie St. Cloud life story, a car accident survivor that his younger brother Sam died. When they together before Charlie promise to Sam to practice baseball everyday with him until he left for college. When the funeral finished, he able to see his younger brother Sam and reminds him for the promise.