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Watch Lottery Ticket Free Online Full Movie

Lottery Ticket (2010) is a comedy film in direction of Erik White and by distribution of Warner Bros. Pictures. The film leaded by Bow Wow as Kevin Carson, Brandon T. Jackson as Benny and Ice Cube as Mr.Washington in the movie. Also starring Loretta Devine, Terry Crews, Natari Naughton and T-Pain. The film is rated by MPAA as PG-13 for sexual content, language including a drug reference, some violence and brief underage drinking. The Lottery Ticket will be shown on August 20, 2010 in selected theaters wide.

In the Lottery Ticket (2010) movie focus on Kevin Carson who won the nationwide lottery draw of worth $370 million. In the projects his opportunistic neighbors know everything that he's the holder of the winning ticket. He battles the greed of his opportunistic neighbors and threats action before he can claim his prize on the weekend of 4th of July.