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Watch The Switch Free Online Full Movie

The Switch (2010) is a comedy-romance film in direction of Josh Gordon and Will Speck, and by distribution of Miramax Films. The film leaded by Jennifer Aniston as Kassie and Jason Bateman as Wally in the movie. Also starring Jeff Goldblum, Patrick Wilson and Juliette Lewis. The film based on Jeffrey Eugenides short story titled Baster. The Switch will be showing on August 20, 2010 in selected theaters wide.

In The Switch (2010) movie focus on Singleton Kassie and her best friend Wally. Kassie really wants to have a baby. She chooses to go it by herself, with the services of charming and handsome sperm donor Roland. Later Wally replaces Kassie donor's semen with his own and forced to live together keeping that he is the real father of the child.